Energy Waste Tire and Plastics to Energy

Waste Tire and Plastics to Energy via Pyrolysis

Non Recycling plastics and waste tyres, which generates the most serious problems on waste management, can be transformed to energy in a very environmentalist approach with the Pyrolysis Processes developed by our company. With this processes, thermal and electricity needs od factories can be sustained and a remarkable income can be obtained with the output of liquid product.

Liquid product generated in the system and called Pyrolysis Oil, can be processed in the filtration and rafination systems on the facility and can be used as a valuable product which is legal to sell in the market. System is self sustaining with the generated syngas so the only expense for the operation is the raw material and workmanship.

Compared to the new established firms in the last few years for the disposal of the waste tyre, the strenghts of the unit can be listed as no hazerdous flue gas release over the emission limits, high energy conversion efficiency and fully safe equipment without any risk when you consider the explosions on other systems, which you do not need to control manually.