Energy Manure to Energy

Cattle and Poultry Manure to Energy via Pyrolysis

Energy generation with cattle manure is performing by anaerobic digestion reactors in most of the countries. Instead of this application we use Our Innovative Pyrolysis System and able to generate %50 more energy compared to the existing anaerobic system. The negative effects of digestion system like long reaction period, huge unit dimensions, operation problems with manure including antibiotics which causes the dead of the bacteria and odor emission problem, does not exist in Our Pyrolysis System.
As IET Engineering, we offer you to solve one of the biggest headaches of the poultry farms, manure and waste problem, with pyrolysis reactors which are designed for this specific area. In 
the meantime you will have your energy generation from manure to ensure most of your energy needs. Biochar which is the final solid byproduct of the process is also a substance for an additional value to your system. With the energy generation by using manure, poultry is becoming a more profitable sector. 
    Without Bacteria
  • Trouble-free operation with manure including antibiotics
  • Complete Disposal of the Manure and Wastes
  • Innovative Pyrolysis System
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Low Settling Area
  • Easy Operation
  • High Energy Generation with Energy Conversion Efficiency up to %80
  • Opportunity to Generate Electricity
  • Biochar Production
  • No Solid or Liquid Waste
  • No Odor Emission
  • Flue Gas Release Under the Emission Limitations
  • Payback Time Within 1,5-2 Years