Reactors Special Reactor Accessories

Special Reactor Accessories

Reactor Agitators
Hollow Shaft Mixer : While maximizing the dispersion of gas into the liquid, eliminates the gas consumption through the purge line and shortens the process time dramatically.
Changeable Angle Mixer : Blade angles can be changed without need of long maintenance period, hereby different mixing types can be tried.
Vortex Mixer : It is best way to mix a viscous fluid into a nonviscous fluid. Mixing can be done in an energy efficient way whereby the low resisting and high-speed rotor.
Conventional Mixers : Turbine, blade, disc and the like mixers is designed and manufactured by us with flow models.

Sealing Systems
Magnetic Coupling : Electric motor and reducer which is at outside the reactor drives the mixer shaft which is inside the reactor with magnetic force, thus magnetic coupling is the best way of sealing for mixers. Helium sealing can be achieved at high pressure and temperatures. Maintenance cost is lower and lifetime is longer because there isn’t ant friction interface between the moving and stationary parts. Not only a new magnetic coupling to your existing reactor, but also a new reactor with magnetic coupling due to your needs can be designed and manufactured by us. All the equipments except bearings and magnets are our product thus the prices of magnetic coupling, which is asumed as expensive, are lowered and so on magnetic couplings are became more and more feasible.
Mechanical Seals : The sealing between stationary reactor and moving shaft is provided by two components (one is on the reactor, the other is mounted to shaft) that connect to each other on their very smooth interfaces. The friction and hereby the needed torque is much lower than packing because of smoothness of the interfaces. It provides a strong sealing at high pressure with the counter pressure applications.
Sealing with Packing : Although it requires routine maintenance and packing consumption is inevitable at high temperatures, it is cheapest sealing alternative for mixing reactors. The special design for bearings and compression units that we developed, provides better sealing and eliminates the necessity of wet operation.

Distillation Units
Packed Column : Columns are designed with reflux ratio, packing dimensions, number of trays, vapors and fluids, and simulating the phase changes the parameters are selected according to maximum efficiencies. Thus the purity value that you need is catched with minimum dimensions, and so in a more economical way.
Condenser : On design, required heat transfer area to condense all vapors, heat efficiencies and visual qualities are based on. It can be manufactured as Shell and tube or tubular.
Decanter : Decanter system that seperates two liquids insoluble in each other by density difference, is in our product range as different types. You can order a reactor system including decanter or just select the decanter in the list of types that we will offer due to your needs.

High Pressure Manholes : Special design high pressure manholes are manufactured proper to your system in a range of 0 – 10 bar as with sight glass and 10 – 50 bar as without sight glass.

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