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Pilot Energy Systems

As per your request, pilot projects are designed by our experienced and innovative mechanical and chemical engineers due to your need, manufactured by our skilled welders and workers, and delivered to you as turn-key.  We carry out this projects with not only universities performing R&D applications, but also industrial companies that need to try a pilot system of an energy conversion plant before investing in commercial plant.

Some of the pilot energy systems that are all designed and manufactured by our company are;
  • Continuous and batch pyrolysis reactors,
  • Slow, flash or high temperature steam pyrolysis systems,
  • Tubular, downdraft, updraft or fluidizied bed gasification systems,
  • In situ gasification simulation reactors,
  • Gas simulation systems,
  • Carbondioxide capture and liquefaction systems,
  • Advanced syngas cleaning systems.
On R&D projects for universities, we can either prepare all the technical calculations according to standards, design the equipments and make manufacturing, installation and commissioning from begining to end, or make only the manufacturing and installation according to your design. Before manufacturing process, all layout plan is drawn as 3D and shown to you. Manufacturing process starts after you approved this layout, so you never face any surprise at the end of the installation.

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