Reactors Incineration Systems

Incineration Systems

Incineration, which is one of waste disposal methods, is burning the waste in a condition of high temperature and excess oxygen, and releasing flue gas under the emission limits.
In facilities working on metalworking, paint, textile, heat treatment and the like sectors, high COD liquid wastes which are difficult to be managed with anaerobic digestion, hazardous wastes required disposal, gas wastes that filtration systems can’t be enough, is destructed in incinerators totally developed with our own know-how.
The waste is forced to burn at 900 – 1400 °C (determined according to the waste analysis) in the combustion chamber, which is heated via natural gas, LPG or fuel oil, with a combustion efficiency of %99,5. There is only ash as solid waste and no liquid waste. The flue gas is released under the emission limitations. Whereby the energy recovery, disposal costs are lower than the other competing systems.
Waste resin incineration plant with a capacity of 5 tons/day in Karbosan Grinding Wheels, 15.000 Nm3/h waste gas incineration plants in Plastisan Imitation Leather and Simplast Imitation Leather, 5 tons/day waste water incineration plant in Ilkalem Chemical Products are some of our incineration references.

  • Whole Disposal with Solid, Liquid and Gas Discharge under the Limitations,
  • Disposal without License for the Wastes Belong to the Facility That Operates the Incineration System,
  • Easy Operation,
  • Lower Energy Consumption,
  • Excess Energy Recovery with the Wastes That Have High Calorific Value,
  • Lower Settlement Area,
  • No Odour Emission,
  • Payback Time of 6 – 12 Months,
The turn-key commitment of incineration plant that disposes solid, liquid and gas wastes, is provided by us following the steps mentioned below;
  1. As per your request, we visit your facility to observe the process generating the waste, heating units to design the heat recovery and the previous analysis reports.
  2. Due to the investigation, incineration system is projected and feasibility study is sent you to decide.
  3. If the project is approved by you, we get the analysis done at the university to generate the graphics of combustion temperature – residence time. Incineration tests are done in our pilot incinerator with you, so you can observe the performance and emissions before the manufacture of main plant. It is guaranteed that the emissions of the main plant won’t be over than the pilot system.
  4. Than the incineration system is designed based on high disposal and energy recovery efficiency. With high calorific value wastes, the excess heat can be transferred to a proper heat-transfer fluid and sent to your facility.
  5. After the installation and start-up is performed, the emission measurement is done by an accredited institution and the performances are proved. The guarantor service is lasts for 12 months after the start-up.